Behringer Sonic exciter SX3040

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The SX3040 SONIC EXCITER from Behringer is a stereo sound enhancement processor that, through the use of harmonic enhancement and phase compensation, provides added depth and clarity to any stereo sound source. The unit has a dedicated sonic exciter section with dedicated Drive, Harmonics and Mix controls on each channel.

The bass enhancement section also features dedicated controls in the form of Drive, Tune and Mix controls per channel. The result is an increase in bass definition, and a restoring of natural brightness, without the need for additional amplification. An added advantage is improved sound without additional stress being placed on sound system speakers.

The processor can provide stereo enhancement for project recording studios, DJ systems, "house of worship" sound systems, keyboard racks, web-casting, and even 5.1 and hi-fi home setups.

Stereo audio enhancer and exciter
Improves audio by adding clarity, dimension and depth to a stereo sound field
Tightens the bass and produces natural brightness using phase compensation
Dedicated Dedicated Drive, Tune and Mix controls per channel on the bass processor section
Dedicated Dedicated Drive, Harmonics and Mix controls per channel on the Sonic Exciter section
Improves the performance of a sound system without requiring additional amplifiers or power
Suitable both for studio and live PA systems, churches, nightclubs and DJ systems
Helps improve definition and bring out the full sonic spectrum of audio mixes in the studio environment
Excellent for preparing audio for broadcast or for Web streaming, especially when the end result will be listened to on computer or small car speakers
Can enhance a home hi-fi system
Price : $125.00